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  • Fuzz Factory #3

    Fuzz Factory #3

    Another Fuzz Factory clone. I used silicon transistors for this build I didn’t have any germanium transistors with the right gains. I think lower gain silicon works best here. I used a couple 2N5401 with gains of 115 and 120. These were about the lowest gain I could find in my parts bin. I ordered […]

  • AionFX Flare an 8 knob Fuzz Factory

    AionFX Flare an 8 knob Fuzz Factory

    I built this a while ago. I recently built a couple more Fuzz Factory clones. I used sockets for the transistors so this made a good place to audition transistors for the new pedals. It got me thinking about the transistors I used in this pedal. I used germanium transistors in the new pedals but […]

  • Factory of FUZZ (fuzz factory clone)

    Factory of FUZZ (fuzz factory clone)

    I’m always looking for the cheapest way to build pedals. I found these boards on OSH Park.com. Besides being a service for prototyping boards it’s also an open source repository of projects uploaded by the community. A board uploaded to OSH Park marked public can be ordered by anyone. The search function is not so […]

  • Fuzz Factory with 8 knobs

  • Fuzz Factory – OSH Park

    Fuzz Factory – OSH Park

    Just soldered the first of three Fuzz Factory PCBs from OSH Park. Fired up on the first try. The board didn’t come with documentation, I had reverse engineer the board against the schematic to verify part numbers. Here is the schematic I used: I used some AC128 transistors for Q2 and 3. The random choices […]

  • Osh Park PCBs

    Osh Park PCBs

    I just received this order from OSH Park. I order four boards. You are required to buy three copies of each board you order. The cost is $5 per square inch for 2 layer boards (with 3 copies of your board included in that price). Which is not bad, if the boards are small it’s […]

  • 5 Knobs

    Here’s an idea I have been wanting to try in a stompbox. Small Bear carries post with long leads that can be used to mount the pot to PCB. I thought these might be good for mounting a board inside an enclosure. This is a clone of everyone’s favorite 5 knob fuzz. This seemed to […]