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  • PCBs with pots and LED

    PCBs with pots and LED

    I just built a PCB project without the LED taken care of on the board, what a headache! In the old days everything was like that but we have evolved since then! in my most recent projects I have been following the layout used by PedalPCB. I feel like they have hit on an arrangement […]

  • The Music of the Krell

    Forbidden Planet is a movie from 1956. It featured a sound track and sound effects entirely created by electronic circuits. I say circuits because this was 8 years before Robert Moog would produce the first synthesizer. The sound track was produced by Bebe & Louis Barron using circuitas invented for the purpose and test equipment. […]

  • Carling DPDT 316-B-PP

    This is the classic foot switch found in wah pedals and older effects. In the old days this was the switch, 3PDT switches were not available or were very expensive and hard to get. These days these switches are about $10 each! And they don’t have the extra pole for an easy LED indicator and […]

  • Harvesting Parts!

    Harvesting Parts!

    Harvesting parts from these old PCBs. I had this need for a A100K pot and Christmas 🎄 has holding up the deliver from Tayda Electronics. So I started digging through my bin of old projects that never made it into a box 📦. I didn’t my ideal A100K pot, it would have been 16mm with […]

  • Stomp box enclosures and shielding

    Stomp box enclosures and shielding

    I was trying to up the quality of my builds and thought about shielding and noise. Did a little research on the interwebs and came up with a few tips. First a little background. High gain circuits often run series of gain stages in series. If you have an input stage of x10 followed by […]

  • Milling a PCB

    effectpedal: Making PCBs on the Othermill. Designed in Eagle. I played with the trace size. The default traces in the bantamtools DRC is really small. The 8mil traces are easily damaged.

  • Resources to get started making stompboxes

    Getting Started Someone asked me about getting started building stompboxes, so I thought I’d put it all in a forum post, for your enjoyment and edification. Become a member of both of these forums. Search, and read what’s posted there. Post your work, and your questions. Lot’s nice knowledgable people. Probably the oldest stompbox forum […]


    This is a really cool service that manufactures open source PCB designs. You can order any of the open source designs on the site. Most of the stuff is not stompbox oriented. It takes a little google-fu to search up stompbox projects. You can also upload your own designs. You have to order 3 PCB […]

  • Good Articles on CMOS Chips in Stompboxes

    Here are some good articles on using CMOS chips in stompboxes.  

  • Millenium Bypass – Working!

    Millenium problesm all solved with the help of R.G. Who kindly pointed out that I probably didn’t have a path to ground on the out put of the effect. Which was exactly right. After having the Millennium work so well on the SHO, I decided to add one to a Fuzz Face. This Fuzz Face […]

  • Millenium Bypass, not so fast

    I built this last week, see the previous post. Everything seemed fine on the bench. Today I gave it a test with the band. Seems like it is not working quite right. The LED lights when the effect is on. But, when the effect is off the light slowly turns on over a few minutes. […]

  • Millenium Bypass

    This is one of those things that has been around for a long time. Back in the olden days when the 3PDT switch was hard to get and cost as much as all of the other parts that went into a box. There was a need for a status LED that could be operated from […]