John Hollis Titan boost/octave. This is an op amp input pre amp/booster into a transformer. The transformer is 1k/20k and can output 30v from a 9v battery. The switch inserts a diode bridge for an octave effect.

The sound of the boost warm and clear. The octave effect is pretty good and different from other transformer based effects since the input signal is clean rather than a fuzz tone.

Another SHO. I don’t know how many of these I made.

I built this Super Hard On Booster a long time ago. I used one of those old DPDT switches without an LED. Later I wanted to add an LED I used R.G. Keen’s Millennium Bypass on a small piece of stripboard and hung it off the LED leads.

Fun fact: Zachary Vex participated in the discussions over at Diystompboxes but was not okay with people talking about his circuits, the SHO was the exception.

D*A*M Ezekiel clone. I guess this is a Rat with a blend knot and some diode options.

Three SHO boosters.

Woolly Mammoth clone.

This is a NPN germanium Fuzz Face. It’s never sounded quite right I think the bias is off. Willl need to open this up and take a closer look.

Purple Sparkle ICBM.

Mini Range Master. I used the Mad Bean PCB with charge pump to generate -9 volts. I used old stock OC44.

Mad Bean Vero Point Delay. This is a PT2399 delay with a tone control on the repeats and some modulation on the delay.

Mad Bean Stage Fright. This is a clone of the Maestro Phaser with an option for 5 or 6 stages. It’s an OTA based phase shifter.

Green Russian Big Muff Clone. Everyone should build one of these.

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