Vulcan pcb built up. This is version 2.

Vulcan PCB. This is a great sounding overdrive by Joe Davisson.

Some old fracrack synth modules. The last is a Blacet Mixer Processor. The others are DIY. These DIY modules are

2 x 8 step sequencers. These are barebones they don’t have any quantization or even LEDs for the steps. These have a clock trigger out, forward backward switch, reset, and a carry out which can be used to chain them together.

A 10 step step sequencer it outputs a trigger at each of 10 steps. This has a clock out, and and end step which can be used to make shorter sequences.

2 x LFOs with triangle, square, saw, noise, and step out. These also have a sample and hold.


Making PCBs on the Othermill. Designed in Eagle. I played with the trace size. The default traces in the bantamtools DRC is really small. The 8mil traces are easily damaged.

Building some ugly faces

This is Joe Davisson’s Vulcan overdrive. Starting with a prototype board made at home with the Othermill, then turned this into a board from OSHPARK. Boxed up and is working well. This is an interesting overdrive with a couple unique circuit features.

Digidelay. This is a 4 second digital delay with a tap tempo and hi and low pass.

Box of Rock bootleg in process. Milling the box on the Bantamtools Othermill.

Jack Deville Dark Echo.

Pedal shelf

Electra with mods.

Big Muff Army. Six mini big muffs each a different version.

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