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  • Zap Frequency #3

    Zap Frequency #3

    I’m experimenting with the Harmonic Energizer. Read more about it in my previous post. I updated the PCB with room for two pairs of clipping diodes. With this update. Using the prototyping service at is a great way to make high quality PCBs at a very reasonable price. The key is to order several […]

  • Stone Bender #3

    Stone Bender #3

    This sounds really good. I figured I’d build another and give to a friend, trade it, or try and sell it on Reverb. I made one of these on strip board and sold it at a swap meet. Here’s a post about the original circuit and schematic. I made an updated PCB check out the […]

  • Small Time by Valve Wizard

    Small Time by Valve Wizard

    I found this PT2399 based delay design called Small Time on the Valve Wizard web site. These PT2399 delays can sound really good, and the Small Time has tails, which is a very interesting option. I had to give this a try. Delay Tails Tails, if you’re not familiar, is the effect where the echoes […]

  • Doboz TSNM MK II

    Doboz TSNM MK II

    I decided to build the new version of the Doboz TSNM, the MK II. Just received it in the mail the other day. There are two versions of this. One is surface mount and the other is through hole. Touch Sensing Not Memory (TSNM) is a touch controller for modular synths. It has many modes […]

  • Doboz TSNM MK I

    Doboz TSNM MK I

    The Doboz TSNM MK I is great touch controller you can build DIY. Touch Sensing Note Memory (TSNM) has 12 capacitive touch plates. TSNM can act as a keyboard, arpeggiator, and sequencer. It has a built in quantizer with a 5 octave range, pressure sensitive touch plates, and CV recorder. TSNM is a great module […]

  • Befaco A*B+C

    Befaco A*B+C

    Befaco A*B+C is a voltage multiplier and offset, every system should have one of these! This is a great little utility. I put it up there with Maths. It’s a strong recommendation I know. I really feel this module deserves a place in any rack because it could find a place in any patch! What […]

  • Milling Enclosures

    Milling Enclosures

    I got a few questions about engraving enclosures with the desktop mill. Here is a quick explainer. I use a BantamTools OtherMill Pro. They don’t sell this anymore and have it listed under Desktop PCB Milling machine. What can you do with a desktop mill? You engrave and shape 3d solid materials. I think of […]

  • Doboz VC340 Progress

    Put some time into the VCO340. Check out my previous post for more information. Tl;dr It’s an 8hp CEM3340 based VCO. I got all of the resistors, caps, diodes, and caps in place. I think I’m ready to add the semiconductors and then pots and jacks. I’m building two of these. Each comes with two […]

  • The Sultan v1.1

    The Sultan v1.1

    Heres an update to the Sultan. Read about my error in the first version of the pcb here. I made a mistake and the jacks grounds were not grounded on the first version. I ordered an updated board from to move this project out of the prototype phase. This was my entry in the […]

  • Trem XVIII #2

    Trem XVIII #2

    A tremolo from the Stompboxoloy Newsletter. For more information and a schematic check out my previous post about the first build. I had some boards made at They prices are very reasonable. You get 10 boards for $5. That left me with a few spares. I gave a couple some friends to build. For […]

  • Node 2 on Bandcamp

    Node 2 on Bandcamp

    Spiritual Successros to Tangerine Dream Node goes far into the ambient electronic universe. If you like the sounds of vintage electronic gear Node has you covered. Patch and Tweak has an interview with Node and talks about patching techniques.

  • Mother Fuzz

    Mother Fuzz

    This is Mic Testers Big Muff Plus. It’s a Big Muff with a JFET input and output stage, and a James control in place of the BMP tone control. The JFET input creates a higher input impedance the on the original Big Muff which prevents treble loss. Schematic Q1 is a high impedance input before […]