Batteries or no batteries?

I’ve run into a few project lately, Casualty 4 and Sunking, that fit in a B sized box, but leave no room for a battery. This has me rethinking the battery as a power source. To be honest I use batteries almost exclusively. I rarely use a power supply. The reason, I don’t own a decent power supply. I have a single 9v wall wart from RS. Which works fine but has a terrible ripple.
I do admit I also throw away a lot of batteries. It would be nice to not be producing the extra waste.
It would also be nice to not have to buy batteries. 9V batteries are fairly expensive. I look around and can find them for about a buck. Though, a few weeks ago I bought two at this dollar store on Divisadero St. and they were both dead when I opened the package!
What do people expect when they buy an effect? Do you expect it to use batteries and a power supply? How do people feel about effects that don’t have the battery option?






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  1. Bob K. Avatar
    Bob K.

    I personally like to have an option for a battery. At this point I don’t have a good power supply, but the price of 9v batteries is making me want to get one soon. I hate throwing out batteries. That being said, there are times when it is just easier to have the battery in place and plug in guitar cables without having to find an extra outlet for a wal-wart.

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