Build a Muff

This is a PCB for the Big Muff. I design this in Eagle. I used the Part numbering from The Big Muff Page here. With this board you should be able to build any version of the standard Big Muff. Just choose a schematic and match the part numbers to this board.

You can order boards from

The board adds a power filter section and on board LED. This makes for an easy great looking and reliable build.

These are:

  • R24 – 1K to 10K LED Resistor
  • D6 – LED any
  • D5 – 1N5817 Reverse polarity protection
  • R25 – 100r
  • C14 – 47µ to 100µ Power Filter


Choose a version of the Big Muff you want to build from the schematics here:

Match the part numbers on the schematic to the numbers printed on the PCB.


Drilling Guide

Download the drill guide pdf.

Design Guide

Use this plan out your design. Control outlines show diameters of common knobs. The LED outline shows 3mm and 5mm outlines.

Download the design guide pdf.

Here is a gallery of the completed build. Note! Astute observers will notice that I mixed up the Tone and Volume controls on the enclosure of this first build! Follow the guide above, it is correct Volume is center bottom and Tone is upper left.






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