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  • Ugly Face Build

    Ugly Face Build

    build your own Ugly Face! Ugly Face is a racus squarewave guitar synth oscillator disguised as a fuzz pedal. Originally created by Tim Escobedo on his Circuit Snippets web page, it’s become a DIY classic. The ideas here are great and inventive there are a lot of building blocks. Out of all of these the…

  • Vulcan Build

    Vulcan Build

    The Vulcan is a heavy over to distortion by Joe Davisson. Check his Analog Alchemy page for more of his designs. Here’s a discussion of the circuit over at the DIYStompboxes forum. I created a PCB you can order at OSH Park. Part Value C1 100n C2 100n C3 100n C4 2n2 C5 100n C6…

  • RunOffGroove 22/7 Build

    RunOffGroove 22/7 Build

    Here is another 22/7 build. It’s a Big Muff variation. This unique circuit replaces the transistor stages of the classic Big Muff with CMOS inverters. It’s a unique flavor of Muff. CMOS inverters have their own unique flavor of distortion and have been used in many classic pedals like: Craig Anderton’s Tube Sound Fuzz, Way…

  • Haunting Mids Reflection

    Haunting Mids Reflection

    The goal of this project was to build three Haunting Mids, keep one and sell the other two, hopefully coming out ahead! This post covers the original Haunting Mids Fuzz. Note! This is not the JHS pedal with the same name. What is Haunting Mids? Haunting Mids is a Big Muff variant. Besides careful choice…

  • RunOffGroove  UBE Screamer

    RunOffGroove UBE Screamer

    This is another great RunOffGroove project. It’s a unique twist on the classic Ibanez Tube Screamer. The UBE Screamer replaces the op-amps and transistor stages in the Tube Screamer circuit with inverters from a 4049UBE hex inverter. I built this from a PCB I designed. The board is project on OSH Park. Check out the…

  • Boss Muff

    Boss Muff

    I love Boss pedals, they are bomb proof, have a great form factor, work well, and look great. They don’t make a couple effects that I like. For example you can’t get a Big Muff in Boss. I had the idea to rehouse some effects in Boss enclosures. Here is the Boss Muff. Sourcing enclosures…

  • Haunting Mids project

    Haunting Mids project

    What’s Haunting Mids? Haunting Mids is a Big Muff variant. In a nutshell it’s the input buffer, and first two clipping stages from the regular Big Muff circuit. It drops the tone control and the output buffer of the original circuit. There are a few other changes in part values but the the circuit is…

  • Work in progress

    Work in progress

    I always get into something for a while, then need to take a break. There are a few hobbies I always seem to come back to. Pedal making is one of these! I dug out a few of the boards I started before the last break, and ordered a few more. Sat around soldering the…

  • 22/7 on OSH Park

    22/7 on OSH Park

    Built and test this second version of the 22/7 by Sounds good. This is a great alternative for Big Muff fans. The OSHPark project is public and verified. 22/7 is a Big Muff built around CMOS inverters in place of the transistors used in the traditional BMP circuit. The CMOS inverters have a tube…

  • UBE Screamer PCB v1.1

    UBE Screamer PCB v1.1

    This is the second version of the UBE Screamer board. This version fixes a mistake with the reverse polarity diode. I’m calling this ready for public consumption and will add it to the OSH Park projects pages soon. The enclosure is grounded through the jacks. The bottom cover though doesn’t make an electrical connection to…

  • Super Frequency

    Super Frequency

    The most fun DIY build you can make! This is my version of the Ugly Face Tim Escobedo. Great box with a unique sound . Not your typical fuzz or distortion box. Build your own from my OSH Park PCB project or buy one of my builds from Reverb.

  • UBE Screamer by RunOffGroove

    UBE Screamer by RunOffGroove

    This UBE Screamer by is a unique twist on the venerable Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808. It replaces the op-amps and transistor stages with a single hex inverter using an inverter in place of each op-amp and transistor. This has a great sound that stands up to all of the other overdrives. Read more about…