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  • Ugly Face on OSH Park

    Ugly Face on OSH Park

    Just published the Ugly Face v 1.1 to OSH Park. Built and tested, it works well! This is classic DIY project, it’s almost a rite of passage for new DIY stomp box enthusiasts. The Ugly Face is more of a synthesizer than fuzz pedal. It produces square output from the input guitar signal. You can […]

  • Vulcan V1.2

    Vulcan V1.2

    Here’s a Vulcan V1.2 circuit it adds reverse polarity protection, and ground pads for input and output jacks. These are available on OSH Park. Order some boards and follow the build guide to build your own Vulcan. Vulcan On OSH Park Vulcan Build Docs

  • Vulcan v1.1 PCBs

    Vulcan PCB. This is a great sounding overdrive by Joe Davisson.

  • Guitar thing

    Guitar thing

    This finely crafted guitar body was made from plywood with a mildly figured masonite top. The construction is much like the Danelectro guitars from the early sixties. The body shape is a Gibson Melody Maker, the neck and bridge are from a Fender Telecaster. The pickup arrangement and wiring will use three pickups and a […]


    This is a really cool service that manufactures open source PCB designs. You can order any of the open source designs on the site. Most of the stuff is not stompbox oriented. It takes a little google-fu to search up stompbox projects. You can also upload your own designs. You have to order 3 PCB […]

  • Null-A (dual orange squeezer)

    Null-A (dual orange squeezer)

    Two Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezers, in series. This was built following the dual orange squeezer build at

  • Precision SG jr

    Precision SG jr

    Looks good Everything was packaged well and ship timely. A few disappointments Ideas I want a soapbar. The dog ear route is not the same size it’s both larger and smaller. I’m thinking about modifying the headstock. As is the tuners on the bass side are little closer to the edge than the treble side […]

  • Some Fuzz Faces

    Some Fuzz Faces

    Finally getting back to building some Fuzz Face’s I started a while back. Here’s a picture, you can see the sockets for the transistors, two sets of three in a row, in the center. The input socket is two small socket pins on the right center, and the output cap is on the bottom center.

  • Guitar Progress

    Guitar Progress

    Here’s a few pictures of progress on my guitar. I’ve cut and routed the body to shape. The neck fits pretty good. Radius on the corners on the neck are something smaller than 1/2″, the size of the router bit. I think I’ll round these off so the neck fits snug against the heel of […]

  • Guitar Build

    Guitar Build

    For some reason I thought it would be fun to build a guitar, from scratch. And, after a lot of self reflection and deep introspection, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is! Of course I have had to rationalize away all of the time and expense, but that’s another conversation. Here’s a few pictures. […]

  • Box of MOSFET

    Rock Box! I was talking to a friend about distortion boxes and the Box of Rock came up. Which got me thinking, I’d never heard one before, and Z Vex always makes good stuff. I found a schematic in the usual place. It looked like a pretty easy build. The Box is basically two pedals […]

  • Meatsphere?

    The Meatsphere I hate that name. Then again it’s a play on the name Meatball. The Meatball, if you are not familiar, is an envelope filter based on the Mutron III. The Meatball was made by Lovetone who went out of business in the early to mid 2000s. Lovetone seems to be coming back. Hard […]