Precision SG jr

Looks good

Everything was packaged well and ship timely.

A few disappointments


I want a soapbar. The dog ear route is not the same size it’s both larger and smaller.

IMG_0912.JPG IMG_0913.JPG IMG_0914.JPG IMG_0915.JPG IMG_0916.JPG IMG_0917.JPG IMG_0918.JPG IMG_0919.JPG IMG_0920.JPG IMG_0921.JPG IMG_0922.JPG

I’m thinking about modifying the headstock. As is the tuners on the bass side are little closer to the edge than the treble side tuners. Also the proportions are not as aesthetically pleasing as the Gibson headstock. I’m thinking I might make the sides straight like a melody maker headstock. To make this happen I can flatten the sides. Leaving quarter inch of material on the outside, will leave the shape slightly flared, as the holes are drilled on a subtle diagonal. Or, I can cut the sides straight fill the holes and re drill.

IMG_0946.JPG IMG_0945.JPG IMG_0944.JPG






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