EuroPi is a Eurorack module based on the Pico Pi. Pico Pi is similar to the Arduino Nano but is based on the Raspberry Pi. A nice feature of the Pico PI is the price, they run about $4. The Arduino Nano tends to run about $15, but you can get knock offs for about $5.

EuroPi is a module you can build for yourself from Allen Synthesis. The kit comes with two PCBs and an aluminum front panel. I think the newer version has a black PCB type front panel. I got mine on Reverb. Looks like they have them at Thonk.

The parts are all bog standard. Adafruit has Pico-Pi. The SSD1306 Display is available a few places I found them at Amazon. I was able to assemble the rest from parts I had on hand.

You’ll beed to program the Pico-Pi. This is a breeze, just follow the instructions on the EuroPi GitHub page the build instructions are there also. In a nutshell to start with the default firmware the process is as easy as connecting the module to your computer with a USB cable and copying a file over to the Pi.

How does it work? I’m going to write another post about this later. At the moment I just finished loading he firmware and tested the module. Seems like a works well. I’ll write more details when I’ve had a chance to play with it for a while longer.

The default firmware is set up with a series of apps, similar to Ornament and Crime, one of my favorite modules of all time. These apps include:

  • Bernoulli Gates – based on Mutable Branches
  • Coin Toss – Clock, Random, CV Generation
  • Consequencer – 6 channel sequencer and random CV and gate source.
  • CVCorder – 6 bank 6 channel CV recorder and playback
  • Envelope Generator –
  • Euclid – 6 channel euclidean gate generator
  • Hamlet – drum pattern generator
  • Harmonic LFOs – 6 harmonically related LFOs
  • Logic – 6 programmable digital logica gates
  • Master Clock – Master clock and divider
  • Noddy Holder – Two channels of sample and hold with a single trigger
  • Pams – Homage to ALM’s Pamela’s new work out
  • Piconacci – Produces a 6 fibonacci triggers
  • Poly Square – A square wave oscillator
  • Poly Rhythmic Generator – Subharmonican Style polyrhythmic sequencer
  • Probably – Polyrhythmic gate generator
  • Quantizer –
  • Radio Scanner –
  • Scope –
  • Sequential Switch –
  • Smooth Random Voltages –
  • Strange Attractor –
  • Turing Machine – Recreates the Music Thing Modular Turing Machine

That’s a lot of modules, and all in 8HP, nice work Allen Synthesis! Another nice feature, like the Ornament and Crime it looks like all of these modules are loaded into the module and you can choose which module to run.






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