Making new stuff

Worked on some new stuff today. I bought some rubber stamps and Stazon ink to decorate boxes. The lotus flowers will be MosFET type boosters. The car crashes will be Fuzz Faces.

Also worked on an Echobase using a PCB from After soldering things up everything worked first try. This project lists a 50k resistor for the indicator LED. I used generic LED for testing and couldn’t see it light up. I’ll either have to find super bright LED or change the resistor.

Next up a Zvex Machine clone. I built this on strip board using a layout from I like layout with pots mounted to the board, this saves so much time. I ran into two issues with this layout. First, I noticed there is an extra transistor? After reading the thread a second time I realized the extra transistor is part of a reverse polarity protection scheme. The second problem I ran into was fitting this layout into a 1590B sized box. This layout looks like is should fit but, it doesn’t. No worries I’ll just have to put it into BB sized box.

Boxes With the dragons are Fuzz Factory clones. On the left box the knobs stick out the top edge. In this arrangement I don’t feel like I’m stepping on the knobs.






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