New PCB Day

Just received some new PCBs. I ordered these from The quality was excellent. The cost is very reasonable These were about $1 per board with shipping. Ganging orders together saves on shipping!

A few couple updates and a couple new things this time.

Small Time is a PT2399 based delays with trails by the Valve Wizard.

This Update to the Harmonic Energizer fixes an issue with the previous board, and adds some clipping diodes.

UBE Screamer v2 inverts the blended signal to keep that and the clipped signal in phase. I also added a trim pot to adjust the blend amount.

3PDT Switch board fixes issues with the silkscreen.

Deformis is my variation of Tim Escobedo’s Ugly Face. I used a dual op-amp in place of the LM386 and added a mix control.






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