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You’re probably familiar with the classic blue 3PDT stomp switches that have been around for some years. These are ubiquitous in the stompbox realm. Everyone uses these, from the major manufacturers to the small builders and hobbyists. They work well and the cost is very reasonable. I paid $13 for an offical Fulltone 3PDT about ten years ago, but these days they can be had for $4 or $5 each. Which is very reasonable, though it does make the switch one of the most costly parts in any box.

Recently I ran into Turns out they carry an alternative to the standard blue stomp switch, one that I had never seen before. I bought 5 of these to give them a try.

First impressions say they look well made. The travel on the button is less than the travel on the blue switches, about the half. The switch itself is smaller in all dimensions. It’s not a lot smaller, but the size difference could be significant in a tight project. The switch makes a satisfying click.

The nuts are a little smaller and look a little cheaper, compared to the nuts that come on the blue switches. The nuts look like the stamped nuts that come with some toggle switches. This is a little disappointing. I like having a tight fitting nut that you can get a good grip on and tighten up well with a wrench. These look like they would be hard to tighten up close to the surface of a box, and the nuts are so thin the wrench might slip off.

I’ll have to build something with one of these switches before I can say how well they work in real life.





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  1. […] is a bit smaller than the standard blue 3PDT so they do save some space (I wrote more about this here). The last image shows a size comparison of all of the switches. Mammoth Electronics makes a 4PDT […]

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