Built Jack Orman’s Son of Screamer last night. Fired up the first time and sounds pretty good. I have not owned a Tube Screamer before. After building this I’m understanding the complaints about the “mid hump” in the sound. The sound is very focused in the mid range.

There seem to be many mods for this floating about. So I thought I’d build a second one to compare to the first. I picked out the LovePedal Eternity. There is a good thread about this one here.

From the schematic it looks like the Son of Screamer with a few changes in parts values. From what I can see it seems the Eternity just increases the lows as described in this article

Of course the next step is make the RunOffGroove Tube Reamer for a final comparison. Looks like the Tube Reamer adds event more.

It looks C2 is increased from .047 to .1, from SOS to Eternity, and doubled again to .22 in the Tube Reamer.





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  1. Thaxt Avatar

    The Tube Reamer wins it for me (so far, but, I haven’t explored TS mods as much)..I find it is a superb takeoff point for mods.

    I think Beavis Audio has built the Ultimate TS!

    The Tube Reamer yields much more bass (a plus, to me), and – it makes for great bass guitar OD’s, if you make the input/output caps much larger.

    Bass OD sounds better w this one w’out any diodes in the ‘loop, + a tone switch (or feedback loop cap) added to mute highs.

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