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  • The Baron

    The Baron

    This is my second entry in the End of Days Fuzz Challenge! The idea was to build a circuit similar to the Proco Rat replacing the LM308 with the LM386. The LM308 is a single op-amp the LM386 is an audio amplifier. The chips are similar but also very different. LM386 The LM386 is similar…

  • CA3046/3086 transistor array

    CA3046/3086 transistor array

    The CA3046 is a 14 pin DIP that contains 5 NPN transistors. CA3086 and CA3045 are the same chip with a different number and some other esoteric differences. There is also an LM3046 and LM3086, same chip different manufacturer. What is a transistor array? The CA3046 contains 5 NPN transistors in a single 14 pin…

  • PCBs with pots and LED

    PCBs with pots and LED

    I just built a PCB project without the LED taken care of on the board, what a headache! In the old days everything was like that but we have evolved since then! in my most recent projects I have been following the layout used by PedalPCB. I feel like they have hit on an arrangement…

  • Stomp box enclosures and shielding

    Stomp box enclosures and shielding

    I was trying to up the quality of my builds and thought about shielding and noise. Did a little research on the interwebs and came up with a few tips. First a little background. High gain circuits often run series of gain stages in series. If you have an input stage of x10 followed by…

  • Ring Mod

    Here’s an idea for a ring modulator. I used a 3080 for the balanced modulator from the Ring-Modu-Matic. I used an envelope, from the Meatball,  to control the carrier frequency. This is untested. The controlling the FET to turn on the carrier is going to be a challenge.