Ugly Face PCB on PCBWay

Super Frequency PCB

I designed this PCB for Tim Escobedo’s Ugly Face and had it manufactured at PCBWay. I used Eagle PCB to design the board. The process was not hard with a little research.

I started by finding the PCBWay Eagle DRU file. This tells design rules that PCBWay will accept. This includes the minimum trace size and space between traces. I found .dru file here.

Next I designed my board. I used the auto-router to create a two sided board. Before running the auto-router I loaded the PCBWay Eagle dru.

Next I needed to export Gerber files that PCBWay requires. I’m using Eagle v9. I found a post here with instructions on how to do this. It’s about three steps. Not hard to.

From there I uploaded my files, waited for them to process and placed my order.

The cost was $5 for 10 boards which was very cheap shipping from China was more expensive. They offer several shipping options that range from $12 USPS to $20 DHL. Using DHL the cost was $25 for 10 boards (I received 11) which is $2.5 per board. Not a bad price.

The boards were great quality. The first run came out perfect. Usually the mistakes are my fault. I was on my game and got everything right the first try with this one!

I built this up with red powder coat box from Tayda and some knobs from LoveMySwitches. PCBWay offers several color options, I chose red for this build. With the red enclosure and knobs I had a theme going. So I went with this red 3PDT Switch from LoveMySwitches.

I milled the enclosure on the desktop mill.

Milling an enclosure with the OtherMill

From there I drilled, wired and assembled the complete box and everything work on the first try! I love it when that happens!

Ugly Face Build

build your own Ugly Face!

Ugly Face

Ugly Face is a racus squarewave guitar synth oscillator disguised as a fuzz pedal.

Originally created by Tim Escobedo on his Circuit Snippets web page, it’s become a DIY classic. The ideas here are great and inventive there are a lot of building blocks. Out of all of these the Ugly Face leaps out at your like a rabid warthog. 

The board here was design in Eagle PCB. The pots and LED are mounted to the board for easy assembly. Get boards at:

Notes: Solder parts to boards without the LED or pots. Drill your box with the guide at the end of this document. Fit the pots and LED in the board without soldering. Mount the pots into the enclosure with the nuts and washers. Then fit the LED through the hole. Now solder the legs of the pots and LEDs. 

NOTE! I found an issue with the ground connection on the output side. It’s not connected to the group plane! Otherwise everything works.

VACTAny LED/LDR pair will work
Ugly Face Parts List
Ugly Face Schematic