Terrarium Rhythm Delay

I built the PedalPCB terrarium a few months ago. I Finally got around to installing some software and testing it out. I found this post on the PedalPCB forum. Sonic_explorer includes a link to a bin file for a multi-tap delay. I decided this might be a good place to start.

I tried a few things. First I followed this video explaining how to install the Daisy tool chain.

I got everything installed and was able to install the Blink program and run it on my Seed.

From there I downloaded this repository The daisy tool chain didn’t seem to work with this in vscode. The commands “task build_and_program” and “task build_and_program_dfu” wouldn’t show up on the menu in vscode. Not sure what is going wrong.

Poking around the web I found the Daisy web programmer. This works in the browser. It doesn’t build but will install a bin fil. Looks like you have to use Chrome it didn’t work in Safari. Sonic_explorer provides a “rhythm_delay.bin” here. I downloaded that and was able to install it in my Terrarium with the web programmer.

It seemed to work. Not quite as good as the Echorec or Boonar but at $45 for parts it’s a lot cheaper, and this pedal could be a lot of other things.

This program is not perfect. Control 6 is called swell, it’s supposed to add all of the delay lines into the signal. For it just added an unpleasant crackling noise. My bypass was working but the LED was not. The tempo switch and LED were working.

More to come!





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