The Mouse by Lectrosonics

I found this on the street some years ago. I dug it from under my desk today and took some pictures. Not sure what to do with it. I assumed it was broken since it was on the street.Not sure how to test this. Looks like it has two rechargeable batteries inside, with a jack for a charger on top, 9v 12v? Looks like it has a TL072 as a preamp and a TDA2002 as the amp. Google seems to think this is a 6 to 10W amp.





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  1. Karl Winkler Avatar

    Cool find, there! We made those from the 1970s up through the 80s and into the ’90s. Finally, they became too expensive to make (we still manufacture in the US) and we stopped production. From time to time, we still get requests for this from street musicians. The one you have there is the original Mouse (later was the Maxi Mouse). The Mouse puts out 5.5 Watts RMS into 2 ohms. The speaker is an 8″ “full range” speaker. These things get surprisingly loud, especially considering the modest power. Enjoy!

  2. Matthew Avatar

    Hi, I also acquired on that had been left out. A Maxi Mouse. It just needed new batteries, and has served me well for 10 ears, but just died esterday, So I need to fix it, as I do have electronic experience. Schematics anyone ?

  3. David Thomas Avatar
    David Thomas

    Like Karl, I work for Lectrosonics. We still service those amps, even though we no longer make them. You can contact our customer service dept. at 1-800-821-1121.

  4. David Getoff Avatar

    If anyone has a used Lectrosonics Maxi Mouse or FM-875 unit for sale, email me. If the price is right I will buy it.

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