The Next board?

I’m down to about 30 of the original PCBs. I’m thinking about doing another run if there’s interest.

I’m also thinking about creating another board. Same layout as the first but it would include traces for an effect with the rest of the area taken up by pad per hole in the same style as the first. This would allow space for mods.

I have been thinking about effects that I might do.

  • Fuzz Face
  • BigMuff
  • Tube Screamer
  • ???

Give me some suggestions. What would you be interested in?






8 responses to “The Next board?”

  1. Kirby Torres Avatar
    Kirby Torres

    how about a BSIAB2?

  2. Itsik Friedman Avatar
    Itsik Friedman

    Maybe a good clean booster

  3. Dave Avatar

    How about a silky smooth, really rich stereo chorus unit?

  4. admin Avatar

    If I had a layout for a Chorus that would be an outstanding idea!.

    I had this idea that it might be possible to make a chorus with PT2399 and an LFO.

    I did draw a layout for the EasyVibe for the 1590 PCB. I haven’t had time to built this and verify it yet.

  5. Thomas3D Avatar

    I’d buy some Big Muffs and maybe a BSIAB2

  6. DWBH Avatar

    The Heartthrob Tremolo would be sweeeeet.

  7. popstudioguitar Avatar

    A SD9 clone would be cool ! A wide range of sound. Great pedal and with some minor tweak, it will stand any newer designed dist/od box !

  8. rnfr Avatar

    i’d be into a pickle muff too.

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