Two Screamer

I had been wanting to build Craig Anderton’s graphic fuzz. But I had never gotten around to it. Though I did find an old 10 band EQ on the street that I thought would make a home for that project. 

Lately the idea had struck me to make a smaller version with two Tube Screamers. This would it in a B sized box and be easier to build. 

I have not built this yet. I want to try and get around to it in the next couple weeks. Here’s a drawing of the layout I planned. 

I started with jack Orman’s son of Screamer.I figured I’d use two Drive and Tone controls, followed by a Mix and a Volume. There are two versions of the Mix control in the notes. 






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  1. Thaxt Avatar

    Of course, a footswitch option to go from one of the 2 TS mods to the other (live) might be good.

    I often toy w making 2 settings ( of any kind, but , particularly, distortion-level ones) alternatable via a footswitch.

    You can (using a 3PDT sw) mount an LED below each of 2, say, distortion/level pots, & just A/B the 2…one can be a higher gain setting.

    An EZ way to have a (pre-set) boost..many DIYers must be doing this. One can get wildly carried away w this idea, sure, but, that’s what DIYing is all about, i guess.

    Then, you end up having to whittle switch-mods down for (sane) live playing

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