Webcor amp

I traded a Fuzz Factory Clone for what looks like an old PA that’s been modified to work as a guitar amp. The Webcor has two speaker connected with what looks like a giant oil and paper capacitor. One speaker looks to be about 6 inches across and the other is about 4 inches.

There are four tubes: 12ax7, two 12ab5 and a 5y3-gt rectifier. I’m not the tube expert, but it looks like the 12ax7 is used as an input preamp. The two 12ab5 tubes are set up in a push pull configuration.From what I’ve read it sounds like the two 12ab5s put out about 9w max. The amp is pretty quiet, good for mellow practice.

Here’s a few pictures.





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  1. sweet willy Avatar
    sweet willy

    Man I just picked one of these amps up and use it for harp it is the small venue amp great tone and versitile from hi to low imp plug ins and yes I use both depending on what mike i use. cant believe I found info on it, Tanx, Sweet

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