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Just built up a Bork Bork from Breakfast Audio. This is a clone of the Ibanez Wau Wau Fuzz. As far as I my “in depth” research can tell the Wau Wau Fuzz was originally a Fuzz and Wah in wah type enclosure. It had both a Fuzz and a Wah effect in the same box. The Bork Bork Looks like just the Fuzz section of the Way Wau Fuzz.

The circuit is a Super Fuzz variation. There are so many of these I can’t keep them all straight. It’s an octave fuzz built around an all transistor full wave rectifier with some germanium clipping diodes on the end for good measure.

Here’s a discussion over at the forum.

Building the PCB

The Breakfast Audio board looks great. The parts all fit nicely and are arranged logically for an easy build. The trade off for all this space is that you’ll need to use a 1590BB sized enclosure.

Looking at the schematic closely and doing a few checks with my multimeter it seemed to me that the Drain and Source were switched on Q1. I mounted Q1 backwards (you can see this in the last image.) Note if this was correct. It did work and matched the schematic. If I understand FET’s It should actually work ether way.

The Build

I created a design and planned it with the jacks at the top. Since the jacks will site on top of the pots I needed to make sure there was enough room.

This works if you use small jacks. I’m not a fan of those minimal Lumberg jacks, they feel cheap and flimsy. To get these larger enclosed plastic jacks to fit use pots without the plastic dust covers.

How Does it sound?

Sounds great, just like a Super Fuzz. Well not exactly but, pretty close. It’s a Super Fuzz type Fuzz it can’t help but sounding like it.

My build had a high pitched whine in the background. The circuit is high gain so this comes with that territory. My guess is the board copies the original circuit and as such was meant to run on a battery rather than a power supply. There doesn’t appear to be any power filtering caps! So the noise I’m hearing could be coming from the my power supply!

There is also no reverse power protection. The original probably didn’t need this either. This is modern world and I’ve given up batteries, they are expensive and get thrown away sooner or later.





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  1. Jimmy Avatar

    I wonder if you could drop a 10uF and a .01 right on the connection where the power comes in (G9v) ? Or on the pins of the jack? That might filter the power a little and you don’t need to mod the board.

    1. admin Avatar

      That would work. I just did that on this:

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