DIY Electronics and Musicians Swap Meet

The DIY Electronics and Musicians swap meet was last Sunday. Good fun was had by all. I’m starting to realize I’m seeing the same people every year. Vendors and customers alike. Which is not a bad a thing. It was nice to hear the guy I traded the Fuzz Factory clone to was still enjoying it. I had traded for a small amp which I brought with me to test stuff with. It’s great to hear that everyone is happy. Then again it would great to see some new faces and open the Swap up to more people. There’s so much great stuff to be had, we need to attract the people to come and take a look at it all.

Joe Gore shared the table with me. He had a great looking line of stuff. The guy is a tireless perfectionist. The effects themselves sounded and looked great.

There are a few pictures of Joe below. The majority of stuff on the table was his. I didn’t have much this year. There are couple shots of what I brought at the other end of the table.

Not sure why, but no one likes Big Muffs? I’ve brought the same two big Muff’s with me for the last 4 or so years and haven’t sold one yet. They look good and sound good, well as good as any Big muff. The Ugly Face is popular. Of course these are unique I suppose. I sold a few PCBs. Anyone who bought feel free to contact me if you have any questions about putting it together. People asked about Germanium Fuzz, they seem to want Tone Benders more than Fuzz Faces. I had a few requests for Tone Benders last year also. Come to think of it, I was trying to trade Steve for his Tone Bender clone the year before last.

If you are the guy who lost the DIY sustainer at the swap, you left it on my table. I didn’t notice until after you had keft the building. I have it, contact me and I’ll see about getting it back to you.

IMG_3170 IMG_3171 IMG_3172 IMG_3173 photo-1 photo-2 photo-4 photo-5 photo






3 responses to “DIY Electronics and Musicians Swap Meet”

  1. steve Avatar

    So bummed I missed this. I wound up having to babysit. Joe has been a busy beaver! A ton of tone to be sure!

  2. jason reeves Avatar
    jason reeves

    What are you asking for the big muffs?

    1. admin Avatar

      $200, I have two left. These are clones of the original Way Huge Swollen Pickle. They use a quad transistor array instead of individual transistors.

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