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One of the Ugly Face’s that I built got a mention in the Fretboard Journal. No picture though. Which is too bad. They took a picture of a bunch of other more common name brand things. Really Tim Escobedo should have gotten a mention. The people writing these articles need to educate themselves on the history and lineage of the current era of Stompboxes.





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  1. Jason V Avatar

    I wrote that article and took some of the photos. We could have done a whole second article on Nels’ gear (and probably will some day soon). Space was obviously a concern… not all of our readers know this stuff (and it wasn’t a gear review/stomp box history piece; it was a Wilco piece). Anyhow, in the meantime, we’ll start posting more shots from the photo shoot — with descriptions — soon on our website. We have a ton of them. Shoot me a note if you like … would love to hear more about you.

  2. Branden H Avatar
    Branden H

    Hey man, I first ran across Tim’s Ugly Face schematic about four years ago. I loved the sound sample so much that I commissioned JD Sleep from GGG to build one for me (I’m shit with electronics.) I love what I’m seeing at your site here but I’d really like to HEAR the results you’re coming up with, y’know? Just thought I’d mention it and say keep up the good work. 🙂

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