Super-Fuzz V2

I updated the Super-Fuzz Board to fix a problem with the last version. The prototyping service at is very inexpensive, which facilitates my workflow. 

The schematic I used for this project came from It’s based on the original with a couple mods. The Tone switch has been turned into a pot to provide a range of adjustment rather than two settings. And, a pair of trim pots have been added to adjust the sound. One trimmer adjusts the octave circuit and the other adjusts the level of clipping.

I wrote about this circuit in an earlier post here: Super-Fuzz.

For this build, I used some random 2N3904 transistors. One of the great things about this circuit is that it uses standard, easy-to-get parts. It also seems pretty tolerant of values. Almost any NPN transistors will work here.





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