Uber Drive #2

Second build of the “Uber Drive”. This is clone of Paul Cochran’s Timmy overdrive. Maybe this needs a better name?

I manufactured these boards over at PCBWay.com. Their prototyping service gives you 10 boards for $5. Which is a great deal. It also left me with a few boards to spare so I thought I build another one. Here’s a link to the first build.

I designed this board with the pots and LED mounted to the board. The off board wiring is all along the bottom edge for easy wiring.

I used those small 9mm pots. I like these but for DIY stuff the larger 16mm pots might be a better choice. That might end up in a future update.

Would I recommend building one of these? If you like overdrive, and Tube Screamer like circuits, this sounds as good as any of these. If you’re looking for distortion and fuzz tones this might feel lacking.





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