Ugly Face

This is an Ugly Face by Tim Escobedo. I think the sound is pretty good. It makes a sort of pulse width modulated square wave via the guitar signal driving a 555. Not for every occasion. But the sound it makes it makes well. I really like this thing, so much in fact that I’ve made 3 so far.

Ugly Face PCB and Box

Ugly Face Box

Ugly Face PCB

Here’s a layout that would fit in a B sized box.

Ugly Face Layout

Here’s a modification of Tim’s original scheme that adds a blend knob. The blend knob mixes between the signal coming out of the 386 and the signal coming out of the 555. This adds an extra knob to the build, which makes for a pretty tight arrangement. The 16mm pots would work. But, 12mm pots with 1/2″ knobs would work well. Something like this at These pots are the same as the typical pots but they have a 12mm diameter body. A 1/2″ knob is about the same diameter.

Ugly Face blend mod






3 responses to “Ugly Face”

  1. Rob Avatar

    Hi, I’m gonna attempt to make an ugly face, woot!

    Im working on a techno project need some weird and interesting fx for my guitar.

    Any pointers??

  2. Bryan Avatar

    Hi…, i really like your Ugly face, i really newby in electronic so i have a question about something on your schema. What is your optoisolator….??? Do you have one in particuliar or…, thanks.

  3. Mike Avatar

    Hey Mitchell, I’m trying to find a photo of the Uglyface in all its furry glory for a use I can explain. Can you please contact me? Thanks, Mike

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