Building an Ugly Face

I built an Ugly Face last week and took some pictures. This uses the Ugly face PCB I made and the typical DIY stompbox parts. I used the alpha 12mm pots in a B sized box. The more common 16mm pots would also work.







4 responses to “Building an Ugly Face”

  1. junge Avatar

    Why do you use different caps on some pics?

    1. admin Avatar

      Good eyes, when i took these pictures I had actually built two Ugly faces. I realized I had a missed a few pictures with the first build and took some more pictures with the second build. The caps were just what i had on hand and the choices don’t really have any effect. Even the values are not that critical. I have a drawing of a layout and the part values I use under the ugly Face link on my site.

  2. junge Avatar

    I’m about to build an ugly face and was a bit worrying about the caps, but good to hear that its not that much critical.
    And thanks a lot that you put out your layout.
    Keep up your amazing work!

  3. TheGuitarFairy Avatar

    is it possible to purchase a pre-built UF from you?

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