Revolting Visage

Here’s my take on the Ugly Face/Crash Sync. I took my favorite parts of both and a few suggestions from RunOffGroove and the DIYStompboxes forum.

This version uses a different input buffer, which more closely resembles the input of the Crash Sync. Though it has a greater gain. I found this gave more sustain. The Ugly Face has a gain of about 200. The Revolting Visage uses a gain of about 1000.

I took the envelope from the Ugly Face which is simple and elegant and seems to work well for this design.

I also borrowed the Threshold from the Ugly Face. Which allows for self Oscillation.

These last two features do not exist on the Crash Sync. But, are a lot of fun to play with.

I changed the output to be directly taken from pin 3 of the 7555. The Ugly Face used a strange arrangement that was also connected to pin 7. The pin 3 arrangement makes more sense to me and is simpler.







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