Ugly Face PCB

I had these Ugly Face PCBs made at a professional service. They are two sided, solder masked and silkscreened, through hole plated etc. The quality is very nice. I’ve built a few and they seem to work well. I included a few extra holes accommodate caps of various sizes and a few small mods. See the diagram for details.

I have a small stack of these for sale $6 each includes shipping in the USA. Send me an email for Paypal info.

10 thoughts on “Ugly Face PCB

  1. If you have any of these Uglyface PCB boards left, I would like some. Please send me a message on how I can do that if you can, many thanks.

  2. Hello, i’m french! Votre site est genial !!! IL est pas facile , de trouver des PCB ,chez nous!C’est pourquoi je vous écris, Je voudrai faire, l’ ugly face, ET vous ètes le seul,à proposé le pcb, sur internet.JE Désirerai en commendé un, mais with PAYPAL. do you ACCEPT?? thanks!!! Veuillez bien me répondre par mail

  3. Hey Mitchell, I’m trying to find a photo of the Uglyface in all its furry glory for a use I can explain. Can you please contact me? Thanks, Mike

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