Ugly Face PCB

I had these Ugly Face PCBs made at a professional service. They are two sided, solder masked and silkscreened, through hole plated etc. The quality is very nice. I’ve built a few and they seem to work well. I included a few extra holes accommodate caps of various sizes and a few small mods. See the diagram for details.

I have a small stack of these for sale $6 each includes shipping in the USA. Send me an email for Paypal info.


  • Sep 17 10

    If you have any of these Uglyface PCB boards left, I would like some. Please send me a message on how I can do that if you can, many thanks.

  • Dec 31 14

    Hey Mitchell, I’m trying to find a photo of the Uglyface in all its furry glory for a use I can explain. Can you please contact me? Thanks, Mike


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