Weber 6M36 kit

This is a 36 watt Marshall style amp kit. This seemed to be the best deal for a kit complete with cabinet and speaker.

Here’s some pictures of what came in the kit. You’ll notice the speaker and turret board are missing. The speaker was listed as back ordered in the invoice. Not sure about the turret board I’ve sent an email but haven’t heard back yet.

The kit doesn’t come with any support or instructions, only a schematic and layout. Which makes it more bill of materials than kit. That said it was convenient to get everything from one source in a single order.

The parts quality looks generic. When it comes to resistors and capacitors I don’t believe in “mojo” parts. Yep, I don’t believe that expensive caps and carbon comp resistors sound any better. Tubes, on the other hand, may make difference. These tubes look pretty generic. These should be good for a start, I can worry about it after I get everything built and working.

On the subject of mojo parts. What is a mojo part? I’ve heard claims that carbon comp resistors impart some extra something to certain effects, and amps, and these sound better. On the other side of the fence, there is argument that carbon comp only add noise. In post over at DYStompboxes this was described as metal film = hssss, and carbon comp = HSSSSSS. The suggestion here is that carbon comp resistors add more noise. This is a real world, and testable phenomenon. Mojo on the other hand is harder to test. I’m not going to take a definitive stand but, I’d like to suggest that it’s possible that cheaper parts might sound as good or better than more expensive stuff.





















4 responses to “Weber 6M36 kit”

  1. Walker Avatar

    That doesn’t look too bad. I’m gonna have to keep them in mind.

  2. Rob Nester Avatar
    Rob Nester

    I’m just curious, any update on this? I’ve considered building something from Weber and I’m just wondering how it is going?

  3. Paul knee Avatar
    Paul knee

    Kit looks nice im definitely considering this one

    1. admin Avatar

      The kit was good. It doesn’t come with instructions or a lot of other support. You just get the parts and a schematic. So be forewarned. They may have added more since I bought mine, it was a few years ago. I suppose that keeps the costs down.

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