6 new PCBs from PCBWay

I got 6 new boards made at PCBWay.com. The PCBWay.com service is a great deal the biggest cost is shipping. The best deal is to order multiple boards at once since the shipping is combined.

This time I waited til I had 6 boards designed and ready to go before ordering. As long as your boards are smaller than 100mm the cost for 10 is $5. Shipping on the other hand is $10 to $20 to the US. Ouch! For one order that’s $25 for 10 boards. Not a bad deal but not cheap either.

Placing 6 orders at once the cost for manufacture was $30 and the cost of shipping was $30. That brought the cost per board down to $1. 60 boards for $60 is a pretty good deal!

I’ll be posting these projects to the shared service so you can order them for yourself after I build and test them.

Stone Bender

This is a silicon Tone Bender fuzz by Mic Tester on Freestompboxes.org.

Smash Drive

Smash Drive is a 386 based distortion by Aron over at DIYstompboxes.com.


An overdrive by Paul Cochrane.

The Crank

An overdrive by Mark Hammer at DiyStomboxes.com.

Tremolo X

This is an tremolo from the Stompboxology newletter by Nicholas Boscorelli. it has an all transistor signal path built around a CA3086 transistor array.

Tremolo XXII

Another project from the Stompboxology Newsletter by Nicholas Boscorelli. This a harmonic tremolo. it divides the signal into a high and low band crossfading between the two.





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