Swollen Pickle

This is Way Huge Swollen pickle clone I made. This is basically a Big Muff with using a 14 pin DIP that contains 4 transistors. The tone control also has a pronounced mid scoop compared to the original Big Muff.

Swollen Pickle guts

I etched this design on the box. The design is based on flames in Tibetan art. I named the box the Shiva Sonic. I figure as the god of destruction and rebirth, Shiva was an appropriate deity for the sound of the Big Muff.

Shiva Sonic Box

This is a layout for the Big Muff that would fit in a B sized box. It is set up to use a 14 pin DIP since I used a quad transistor array. The pins on this chip are arranged such that you you could use this layout with regular transistors inserted into a 14 pin DIP socket. If you look carefully you can see that I’ve marked the pins E, B and C

Swollen Pickle Layout






5 responses to “Swollen Pickle”

  1. Ryan Avatar

    Been looking for a layout for this one. Were you able to compare it to an original? Really nice work here, and i love the etch for the box. Very nice. Hey, what are the values for the pots on this one?

  2. admin Avatar

    I was not able to compare this to an original. BUt it sounded pretty good. Very much like a BMP. The BMP of course came in so many different versions it’s hard to say which it sounds like.

  3. Ecco Avatar

    Really cool Project!Does is sound now like a Big Muff PI USA?

    I would like to built your Clone but I already have a BM PI (latest version-2 months old), and if its sound very akin – I don’t need to built it?!?
    Thanks bye

  4. admin Avatar

    This is a good sounding Big Muff. But it’s not so different from other versions I don’t think. The tone stack has a pronounced mid scoop which give it an interesting flavor. But, this is a mod that could be applied to any version of the BMP.

  5. johnny Avatar

    Nice project., how did you etch the box?? could you give us sum details??

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